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You´ll win the NME AWARD before Cure I feel it in my blood! Joke! I hope you´ll win against Duffy and all the other stuff of Music! You´re great! Great and Great! I have buyed Tickets for London!! YEAH! We´ll se us there!! Nice to meet you...the first time!

Steve ( -/- ) 16.11.08 16:54

Ablsoutly brilliant! New Album and a Tour of my favourite Band! Great! Maybe the New Album will be so good like the Album before! I have to say: Why no concerts in USA? If i would see you i have to travel to UK or to GERMANY too!! I hope i can see you on a Festival...there you are better than in a hall!
why don´t you play a open air concert?
Rock en Seine? Please! The Concert there was so brilliant!

Franca ( -/- ) 16.11.08 16:52

Me too! Great to see you again. Maybe I can go to a concert in UK. But why don´t you come on Tour to USA?

Thats not good for my money to travel to UK!
Please play a few of Gigs in USA! The people will come!

Elias ( -/- ) 16.11.08 16:50

Great. At the Moment I was online and I saw the Mail from the Newsletter with the Tour! Great to see you back on Stage. Best Concert I ever Seen in London 2oo7

I Love your Live Performences!

Roman ( -/- ) 16.11.08 16:48

Guesbook will be open now! Sorry for the problems which we have with the guestbook!

The Amuse ( -/- ) 16.11.08 16:47