Next concert are Sold Out / New Lable 2009 / VHC 2009

Three of the new concerts are Sold Out, yet!
But we´ve planed a lot of new Tour Dates all over the World.
And here they are! The new Datea are online.
Look at Events and you can buy tickets for the new Dates all over the world. Special thanks for the Tour to Suretone and Universla who make all this possible!

2009 our trade with Suretone is out of time so we change to the old lable in London (Uk) to Fiction Records our trade with Universal will be avalabe, too!

For the next Year The Amuse will be filmed on the Tour and the Concert, which will filmed, will come on VHC 2009!
Here we would say thank´s to Universal Music Group and Suretone again. Special thank´s to David Suretone and Fiction Records!

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New Tour Dates

With the smiling Face of our Fans we are happy, too. So The Amuse will post mor upcoming Tour Dates all over the World.
You can buy Tickets at the 13th of December 2008 still they are
Sold Out. Thank´s for buying Tickets for our Falling to Grenn Tour, at the End we can say how much we have spent to the World..Music and Money..again!

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Sold Out

Sorry, but we´ve to say that the Tour is Sold Out.
There are not Tickets fot the Tour avalable!

But maybe it will be follow a few of Tour dates...

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Falling to Green Tour 2oo9

Wuhu!! The Amuse will come on great Tour 2oo9.
The Tour will call "Falling To Green" cause we think it´s good, going back to the Roots and a few of the money we spent to our new partner amnesyty international and greenpeace...we´ll se us 2oo9

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Amnesyty International

 The Internatinal Company "Amnesty International" will get money from our Band. Amnesty International makes the life of million of soldiers to a better life than in war. Sometimes the Soldiers life in trouble and can´t eat and drink. The World have to do anything fot those people to help that they can live a normal Life.

Amnesty International helps those people to live. We will recommend Amnesty International whit money that they can help the people more an impressiver than before.
We spent, -EUR to Amnesyt International. It´s a plessure to see that there are people who help soldiers in war. A Great Thanks to Amnesty International for doing all this. The Money will be recommend for Amnesty International to help all those Guys.

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New Album will be record soon

  Just for you we´ll record the new Album very soon. What will the Cover look like? We know how but you don´t. That will be really interesting what you are proud to see and what you think abour the new Cover. We want do fly to the moon with our ne , don´t agressiv, Album. The Relase Date is really good and comes to a time which we can go on Tour...maybe!

The Album will release on the 13th Feburary 2oo9 and will be call
"The Same Black Water than Me"
and it will be a Kind of dark Album. We´ll be very pleasde if you don´t buy the Album on the Internet Shop iTunes. The Sold our Cd´s for too much money and that is  so unsensible for you, our Fans. We don´t have any paper with iTunes so please don´t buy on iTunes and please buy it in a special Cd Store where you can find the Cd for not so much money. We´ll be very pleased if you do that cause we are not a Band which will make money. We´ll make good Cd´s for you and we´ll that you can buy the Cd´s for the rigth money.
Thant You....not for iTunes

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   NME think that we can be the "Best Live Act" of the Year 2oo8 and the "Best Band" of the Year 2oo8. We are also nominated for "Album of the Year". With the Nomination "Best New Act" we are four times nominated for the NME AWARDS 2oo8 where we´ll play, too.

Here are the complete Nominated Bands in our Category:

*Best Live Act 2oo8*

*The Cure*
*The Amuse*
*Foo Fighers*

*Best Band 2oo8*

*Foo Fighers*
*The Cure*
*The Amuse*

*Album of the Year*

*The Cure*
"4:13 Dream"
"Death Magic"
*The Amuse*
"Close That Door"
*Amy Winehouse*
"Back to Black"

*Best New Act 2oo8*

*Katy Perry*
*The Amuse*
*Jonas Brohters*

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