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Headlinig the third Festival in UK

We are headlinig the third big Festival in UK 2009!
The Reading and the Leeds Festival!!

Also we can say, that we, incommend the infouced by the Press, don´t play Festivals in Germany this Year! Just exclusive Festivals in England and Hungary!!

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Headlining the second UK Festival

The Amuse headlining the second big Festival in Uk! Next to the T In The Park, it´s a plessure to headline the Galstonbury Festival

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The Amuse Headlining T In the Park 2009


The Amuse headlining the T In the Park Festival 2009!

 www.tinthepark.com / www.theamuse.de / www.theamuse.com

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Yes! We have a Support for our Tour

Yes, now we have a Support for our Tour 2009!
65 Days of Static will play before our concert! They will be with us by every concert! We are happy to say, that 65 Days of Static are the band we choose! Great Band and great music!

Soon... ...the full Times and the Support Start will come Online!

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New Album, 2oo9

? What will be the Cover of our new Album? The Album will

release at the 13 February 2oo9 under the Lable Fiction Recors and the Universal Music Group.
The Album will be call "Hypnotize Melodies & Hypnotize Beat"
The Album will cost unter 14 Pounds. Thats not a big pirce.
Please, don´t buy it at "iTunes Online Music Shop" cause there, the Album is to expensive. Thanks for doing that!
We hope the Album will be good at hearing...
Thanks to Universal Music Group & thanks to all at Suretone!

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MTV Summer Open 2009

The Amuse will play on the MTV Summer Open 2009 with Bands like The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins and Depeche Mode!
Tickets are avalable under
www.mtv.com & www.theamuse.com & www.theamuse.com

Thank´s to MTV!! It´s a Honor to play there with those great Bands!

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