Next concert are Sold Out / New Lable 2009 / VHC 2009

Three of the new concerts are Sold Out, yet!
But we´ve planed a lot of new Tour Dates all over the World.
And here they are! The new Datea are online.
Look at Events and you can buy tickets for the new Dates all over the world. Special thanks for the Tour to Suretone and Universla who make all this possible!

2009 our trade with Suretone is out of time so we change to the old lable in London (Uk) to Fiction Records our trade with Universal will be avalabe, too!

For the next Year The Amuse will be filmed on the Tour and the Concert, which will filmed, will come on VHC 2009!
Here we would say thank´s to Universal Music Group and Suretone again. Special thank´s to David Suretone and Fiction Records!

6.12.08 17:05

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