New Album will be record soon

  Just for you we´ll record the new Album very soon. What will the Cover look like? We know how but you don´t. That will be really interesting what you are proud to see and what you think abour the new Cover. We want do fly to the moon with our ne , don´t agressiv, Album. The Relase Date is really good and comes to a time which we can go on Tour...maybe!

The Album will release on the 13th Feburary 2oo9 and will be call
"The Same Black Water than Me"
and it will be a Kind of dark Album. We´ll be very pleasde if you don´t buy the Album on the Internet Shop iTunes. The Sold our Cd´s for too much money and that is  so unsensible for you, our Fans. We don´t have any paper with iTunes so please don´t buy on iTunes and please buy it in a special Cd Store where you can find the Cd for not so much money. We´ll be very pleased if you do that cause we are not a Band which will make money. We´ll make good Cd´s for you and we´ll that you can buy the Cd´s for the rigth money.
Thant You....not for iTunes

8.11.08 10:58

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